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A Fun Afternoon With Drew

Published September 28th, 2014 by L&H Sportfishing

Drew came along on an afternoon sport fishing adventure aboard Miami's Best Charterboat the L&H! The weather was beautiful and we took our time catching bait. There were no other boats out so we had it all to ourselves. As we ran offshore there was huge amounts of sea weed. I knew where the fish had been the past few days so the plan was to run strait out and start in the same area we had been fishing. No sooner had the L&H slowed down and baits started going out, I spotted something floating offshore of us. It turned out to be a piece of wood with some rope entangled around it. To get us started we found nice dolphin, a few tripletail, jacks and loads of triggerfish. The seaweed seemed to go on for miles so we began to ride it to the south. Right away I began spotting dolphin and when the bait went out the hungry mahi would race over to it. The fish were all decent size and Drew was enjoying throwing out the bait and hooking the fish himself. A couple hours later we found ourselves in a nice school of keeper dolphin. All of the sudden like so many times before a big fish swam up while we were busy catching small ones! Drew was able to quickly hook a bait and throw it in front of the hungry mahi mahi. The ravenous dolphin raced over and engulfed the happless baitfish much to the delight of every one onboard our successful charter fishing boat. As usual Drew, our friend and repeat customer was able to battle the stubborn fish to the boat without any issues. After the big fish was in the fish box our well oiled machine was able continue to work on the school. Since we were close to our limit I decided to start heading inshore. This turned out to be a good move as I spotted nice size tuna breaking the surface of the water. The tuna were moving fast and it was difficult to to get into position. Adding to the equation was the fact that there was so much sea weed. Sometimes we would have everything looking right, but just as the fish were about to see the lures we would be covered up with sea weed. Finally we go what the pass I wanted and hooked a triple header! Line melted off the fin-nor reels as hooked tuna ran in all directions. After some fancy footwork and alot of pumping and reeling all three of the tasty tunas found their way into the fish box. The lines went back out and we caught another double header tunas. After this Drew was ready to enjoy the air conditioned salon as we made our way comfortably back to Crandon Park Marina in Key Biscayne! Once again it was another fun and successful day of charter fishing on the Miami Charter Boat L&H!

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